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    Pic Grant

    Are you aware Business Mobile app may be funded by government PIC bonus? Enormous big and small firms have developed their own business mobile apps and claimed their PIC bonus. Have you done so for your business?

    The government of Singapore has introduced the Productivity and Innovation Credit to encourage businesses to take a position and invest in productivity and innovation activities. Being a lot of productive and innovative profit all businesses - particularly SMEs - serving to them to grow. PIC scheme was thus introduced with hope that it'll facilitate Singapore firms be a lot of competitive and to stay profitable within the global market.

    If you are unsure if your company meets the need to be eligible for PIC scheme, feel liberal to engage with us in an obligation-free consultation PIC eligibility enquiry.


An entrepreneur spend $15,000 to engage e11 to develop his e-Commerce software


The entrepreneur get back $24,000 back from IRAS

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How the PIC grant benefit the entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs get to profit $9,000 from such scheme to expand his business and get a free e-Commerce software.